Town day – Julian

This entry covers Tuesday, April 5 from Rodriguez tank @ mile 68.4 to Scissors Crossing @ mile 77. Miles hiked = 9.6 .


Good night cowboy camping under the stars. Mild temps. Nice to have a water source close by. Several other hikers there, too. Not much dinner appetite but ate some things for breakfast. Currently sitting at Miners Cafe in Julian: big milkshake & burger.

Dawn hike in was decent: some up but mostly downhill. Made it to the highway in under 3 hours.

Above: tarantula

Above: Scissors Crossing in distance; looking north

Took about 15 minutes for a local (the Bennett’s) to pickup me and another hiker for the 12 miles up to Julian, an old gold mining town- now touristy but pleasant. Stayed there in 2014. This time at the Julian Hotel B&B. Cleanup/(laundry which they do) ensued. 5p tea/munchies (probably could use a little caffeine) & breakfast are included. Not bad for $40 (hiker rate-room for 2). Looking forward to sleeping on a real mattress, but my NeoAir inflatable camping mattress is the best especially for side sleeping and it’s light weight.
Speaking of weight, my base weight of 17 including some wx related gear plus food/water is too much @ 28 lbs. Will try to bounce some gear forward and am considering replacing my 24 oz (27 w/stakes) SMD Skyscape Trekker tent with a cuben tarp w/bug netting which could save 1.5 lbs. Big $$ though. Hiking with 2 kids from back east: base weights of 6 & 10 lbs. Think I can do 10 lbs someday but 6? That’s beyond no-frills of any kind. Pretty sure of the phrase “as the weight goes down, the fun goes up”!
The wx looks warm tomorrow with precip by Thursday night so the plan is to hike out tomorrow after breakfast since a big climb starts the leg towards Barrel & Warner Springs, which I’ll divide up into 2 days. Although my appetite is waking up, I anticipate bouncing my resupply box from Warner Springs to somewhere up trail. Have adjust as you go.

ADL (All Day Long)


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