Town day: Independence or Bishop

This entry covers Sunday, June 12, 2016 from the Kearsarge/PCT jct to Onion Valley TH. Miles hiked = 7.5.
Woke up at 5a to a view of 2-3″ of snow. 

That was a real surprise. It took a lot longer to be ready even without cooking breakfast (no appetite). I used my wet weather gear: neoprene socks kept my wet feet in check nicely, my base layer under a down jacket and rain jacket, and gloves underneath the Zpacks waterproof mitts. Hiking at 7a. 

Heading up to Kearsarge Pass from Bullfrog Lake
Looking back toward Bullfrog Lake
ADL at Kearsarge Pass
View towards Onion Valley after crossing Kearsarge Pass

After a half an hour, the sun allowed layers to be shed and the climb to Kearsarge Pass continued thru the snow – no crampons needed. After the pass, the trail had snow cover intermittently for awhile. On the way down to Onion Valley trailhead, I was able to yogi a ride down to Independence from a nice family (Chad, Olivia, Kathleen in their Lance camper) car camping. Checked into the Courthouse motel’s bunkhouse. Then a shower and food followed. The motel did laundry. Met Desert Steve, All The Way, and Bix. Now it’s time to decompress and see what’s next. And, when. 


One thought on “Town day: Independence or Bishop

  1. Glad to help out ADL and a pleasure to meet you and talk with you for a short while. Best of luck on the rest of your trip! Chad


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