Zero day #3 in Bishop

This entry covers Friday, June 17, 2016 in Bishop. Miles hiked = 0.

Bishop is the perfect vortex. Good vibes, easy to get around (loaner bikes, walking), good hostel. Weather has been nice and warm. Can be hard to leave such a place. But tomorrow might be the exit day.

Made the final food buys and packed it all up. Bear can plus food sack will be heavy. Hope the pack and I survive until I can eat enough of the food stock.

Staged gear for loading the pack.

Worked on a Rx refill which was tough being in travel mode but got it done.

Dinner was at Amigos, again. Evening weather: mid 80’s with a breeze. Got some info on Bishop Pass which is a route off-trail after Mather Pass. Feels like it’s time to continue the trek.




2 thoughts on “Zero day #3 in Bishop

  1. If you are still in Bishop tomorrow get a ride south about 7miles to Kehoe Hot Springs. A short distance from 395 a high tension line crosses the approach road. Turn north about 100 yards on the dirt road to soaking pools under the open sky. Avoid the developed area. It’s great


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