Keeping it in slow gear

This entry covers Saturday, October 8 thru Tuesday, 10/11 at Lake Havasu City BLM. 
Woke up early today to partly cloudy skies, temps in the low seventies, and some good energy. A good time for a few housekeeping R&M tasks. The UV ate one of my vent covers so I replaced it along with a little refurbish of the 2 outside security light lenses. New lenses cost $18 each. Too pricey for now. 3 hours later I was done – literally. Lunch and reading hiking blogs restored some of mood. It’s feeling like we’re headed towards an A/C afternoon. Walmart sells PB paddles for $8. Maybe this sport is affordable. 

Looking at the AZT elevation profiles revealed the usual PUDs. 

3.4 mile afternoon hike around a small, nearby mountain. No wildlife seen. But glad for my trekking poles on the loose skree . Heard one rattler but unable to locate. 

Once back the dark clouds appeared with a few sprinkles followed by some thunder. The exercise buoyed my mood for the cooler evening. 

Warmer days – mid 90s + breeze. 

8p; 85f; gentle breeze – shorts & tank top – in the lounge recliner watching the night sky – so pleasant. 

Pickleball. Seems like a good thing; the exercise that is. Playing 4 hours a session on MWF. Not sold on the competition angle although it is pretty low key. Maybe I’m just going through an acclimation phase. Hip & leg muscles are sore. Hope this helps me stay near hiking shape. 

Daytime temps are forecast to be slowly easing toward the 80s by later part of October. Can’t come fast enough. The afternoon breeze helps. Haven’t felt the need to run A/C – yet. 

Having difficulty appreciating the “present”. Missing a close connection with others. Hiking can do that. My Pandora favorites provide some middle ground.  

Met Lisa (LP BLM)


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