Lone Tree BLM

Wednesday, 10/12 > 10-18Lake Havasu City/BLM
Desert heat strategies still in play. Not screaming hot, but just maybe – could the leading “9” become an “8”? A few nights ago, the cooler air made an appearance and the next morning was in the high 60s. Better. 

Camped at Lone Tree BLM

The Pickleball activity has aggravated several body parts so it’s on a time out. Must be the constant start/stop motions. Most probably it’s sciatica. So, hopefully several days of rest will be the remedy. 

Finished reading a good blog on the Hayduke Trail at http://www.carrotquinn.com. Better think twice before trying that trail. Cooler days will offer more chances to hike around here. 

Plan to take a tour of several BLM sites in the general vicinity to help with the next relocation choice. BLMs are 14 day free sites. So far I’m ok with them and the resident RVers are friendly. There are also 7 long-term areas which cost $.

Disburse camping sure affords plenty of time for reflection. Like most people, I go through emotional ups, downs, and flat zones never really knowing what will trigger the next transition. Watching the movie “The Birdcage” reminded me of how isolated I can get. The craziness of humanity can be very refreshing sometimes. I’m on the lookout. Maybe a trip to the beach cities would be good. Also, a good interaction with family reminds me of how good it is to be nearby at least some of the time. Maybe a colder winter would be alright to be nearby. 

Relaxing in the cooler shade of the RV

Joined a few RV neighbors for a short road trip towards Kingman to checkout disbursed camping areas and possible land to buy. Kingman has the needed infrastructure. Not ready yet to buy property in the desert although the price would be right for a joint venture arrangement. My purpose would be for a spring/summer storage location and fall/winter quarters. 

All in all, a good stay at Lone Tree BLM. Moving to the Wash BLM on the S side of LHC. Seemed like a decent location on the checkout visit. 


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