The Wash. BLM Disbursed Camping

This entry covers 10/19 to 11/11 @ The Wash BLM, Lake Havasu City
Settled in at this BLM site which feels better than the last one which was fine. Orientation of 315 keeps entry in afternoon shade so no need for awning. This is closer to town and the sites are spread around better.

Took some field trips to view land for sale. I need more acclimation to this environment so no land-share buying anytime soon. Although the real purpose would be for storage and a place with mild winter weather. So the actual time spent in the area could be minimized. Lake Havasu City has everything one would need.

Bus tribe: Friendly neighbors

Bus 1: Jess & Jen (Rn) from NH

Bus 2: James & Molly

Bus 3: ???

8 kids total
Went on some day hikes with local hiking groups. Crystal Beach at the N end of town near the Colorado River

led by Bob. Fern Falls S of town near the Parker Dam [photo] with Bill, Gail, Bruce, Cindy, Sonya, Lily.

Two very different locations. Temperatures were in the 80s which was ok given the 8am start times.
Roveys Needle hike: Bonnie, Bill, Gail, Laura & Lynn, Denise, Lily, ? Another different landscape. The Needle has a hole which you can crawl through courtesy of many eons of erosion.

More to come …. stay tuned


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