BLM bouncing

This entry covers December, 2016 @ The Wash & Lone Tree BLM sites. 
Highlights: Wind event. Gusts 20+. Rig faced into wind; shook but did not move. 
Same parking spots as prior visit. 

More day hiking. 

Considering heading to Phoenix by early January. 

Sunset colors

Hiking continued with the same good groups as I was introduced to many different sites which always were a combination of trails and bushwhacking. Some hikes went through narrow canyons and topped out on high ridges with great views. Most areas had “pour offs” of smooth rock which sometimes could be hiked and other times alternate routes around had to be used. The occasional down climbing over loose scree was difficult. These hikes were between 5 and 6 miles total. 

Joe, Graham, & Bonnie in Dead Burro Canyon
High overlook to the Colorado River
Climbing up a “pour off”

Birds of prey



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